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Ahaar standard Combo | 10KG

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Ahaar Standard Combo(10Kg)- Chakki fresh Atta 5 Kg, Sooji 500 g, Poha 500g, Daliya 500g, Maida 500g, Besan 500g, Arhar Dal 500g, Moong Wash 500g, Chana Dal 500g, Kabuli Chana 500g , Rajma Chitra 500g. The Ahaar Standard Combo is a comprehensive package of kitchen essentials, offering a diverse range of staples. It includes Chakki Fresh Atta for wholesome wheat-based creations, along with Sooji, Poha, and Daliya for various dishes. Maida and Besan add versatility to your culinary endeavors. A selection of vital pulses like Arhar Dal, Moong Wash, Chana Dal, Kabuli Chana, and Rajma Chitra round out this combo, ensuring a well-rounded and nutritious pantry,

SKU: Ahaar standard Combo_10KG Category: