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About Us

About Us

Ahaar Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. is a well established company since manufacturing in Food products having a vast range from Breakfast to Dinner.
The company has consolidated its position in the market through introduction of complete range of high quality food Products which cater to the daily needs of a kitchen. At the same time constant effort are made for maintaining the consumer satisfaction and upgrading the company with the changing needs of the consumer.

Special emphasis is laid on the hygiene quality starting from the raw material to the final packed product. It has a state of the art quality control laboratory situated at all the production plants. The task of balancing taste and nutrition has been successfully accomplished by providing best products. Manufactured by using quality ingredients, processed by the worlds latest technology, in a very hygienic environment and packed by automatic machines in food grade packaging material to retain the freshness and quality of the product. The company has ISO -, ISO , HACCP FSSAI certification which proves its commitment for international standards.

Every idea, innovation and endeavour at Ahaar is driven by a mission to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction. For us, “Customer is King” and the feat of ensuring a royal treat for each customer's taste buds is sacrosanct. This is achieved through a wide variety of quality products that promise consistency of taste and flavour. Teamwork forms the cornerstone of our business, continually steering us towards realising our vision of enhancing growth, amplifying visibility and improving market presence.

Our Uncompromising principles with regards to raw materials, milling technology and end-to-end hygiene is what sets us apart and is the reason why we have maintained the valuable Trust of crores of consumers over the past 4 decades.

Our processing includes the best of both worlds, a combination of traditional stone grinders (chakkis) and state-of-the art Bühler Machinery (German technology). This ensures that freshness of our products is preserved while retaining all the essential nutrients. The procured raw materials undergoes extensive and rigorous inspection, is thoroughly auto-cleaned and ground before it is packed and sealed in containers that prevent moisture from entering it. The processing is completely mechanised and totally free from human touch which ensures hygiene level at its best.

Our Journey

AHAAR CONSUMER PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED aspires to be among the global leaders within the phase of groceries in addition to reinventing and increasing new products for the entire delight of our customers.

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Trusted Worldwide



We manufacture our products in-house, keeping them fresh for our customers with care and attention to detail. Our products are engineered under some of the highest quality standards with innovation and latest technologies at our disposal.
We do this by having a quality control team of experts who go through every step of the production process, from buying raw materials to delivering the finished product. Made to the highest standards, we combine modern technology with traditional craftsmanship to create our unique range of Ahaar products.