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Ahaar Sabudana | 250 g

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Ahaar Sabudana, crafted from tapioca pearls, is a cherished Indian delight, offering a burst of nutrition and versatility. Packed with energy-boosting carbohydrates, it’s a wholesome choice during fasting, notably in Navratri. From the iconic Sabudana Khichdi to the sweet indulgence of Sabudana Kheer, it caters to diverse palates. What sets it apart is the company’s unwavering commitment to quality, underscored by international certifications like ISO 22000, Sedex, and Halal. These attest to their dedication to delivering safe, top-tier products, making Ahaar Sabudana a trusted choice for both traditional and contemporary cuisine, ensuring every meal is a delightful, nourishing experience.

SKU: Ahaar Sabudana_250 g Category: